Empire health; ACG Health Turizm ile

Empire health; ACG Health Turizm ile

​Huzurlu bir ortamda bütçenize uygun ve güvenli tedavi seçeneklerinizi birlikte planlayalım.
Empire health; ACG Health Turizm ile

Empire health; ACG Health Turizm ile

Tedavinizi ve tatilinizi bir arada yapabilmenin ayrıcalığını bizimle yaşayın

Medizinische Einheiten

Empire Health, with the business name ACG Health Tourism, offers you Aesthetic Surgery, Dental Treatments, Hair and Beard Transplantation, Obesity Surgery, Oncology, Obstetrics and Mother/Baby Health, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Gynecology, Eye Treatments, Urology, Radiology, Check-Up, Laboratory and all the other treatment services with high quality and reasonable prices. 

About Empire Health

Empire Health, with the business name ACG Health Tourism, offers you regenerative, quality and reliable treatment options to remodel your Life, Health and Body with its 22 years of experience and professional healthcare staff. 

Empire Health blends its environment- and animal-friendly understanding with human and medical ethics while providing you with a reliable, high-quality, and affordable treatment with its expert staff. 

Empire Health is a certified and official health tourism organization whose professional title has been accredited by the relevant national and international institutions and organizations. 

Hospital and Clinic

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Empire Health provides you with access to the practice of expert physicians in our quality hospitals and clinics in accordance with the type of treatment and intervention that best suits your needs.  

Service Process

Empire Health service procedure is designed for you to be easily accessible and comprehensible. In the course of our communication, the treatment you need and the proper time frame for it are determined with a few simple questions. A preliminary evaluation is made for the treatment you want to receive, and if available, examinations and reports for the disease are requested in order to provide you with clearer information and high-quality service. Your treatment is planned in accordance with your arrival date and you will receive extensive information about the whole process. 

​In addition to your treatment, you will be able to get services such as accommodation, transfer, city tour, shopping and guidance. Empire Health always prioritizes ethical values and customer satisfaction regardless of the type of service it provides. We are waiting to live up to your expectations in Turkey's most precious blue seas. 


Empire Health’s information center staff have been trained and qualified by the management team consisting of health professionals. Each and every information you receive does not reach you without first passing through safety and ethical control. Empire Health adopts an approach that has human health at its core. It offers its services by determining your needs and treatment in accordance with legal requirements and international health norms.