Brain and Nerve Surgery

A neurosurgeon is someone specializing in brain and nerve surgery (neurosurgery). If we look at the dictionary meaning, the word neurosurgery is derived from the words neuron and surgeon. The word surgery means healing wounds. The word neuron is of Latin origin and means nerve cell. Here, it is used to describe the nervous system in general. In short, neurosurgery is a nervous system surgery, and it mainly undertakes the following types of treatment. 

* Tumors originating from inside the brain or spinal cord tissue or causing problems by pressing it from the outside, 

* Disorders of the vessels feeding the brain tissue or spinal cord such as aneurysm (ballooning), arteriovenous malformation, cavernoma, stenosis in the neck veins we call carotid stenosis, 

* Congenital disorders that develop during the formation of the nervous system such as meningomyelocele, 

* An increase in the amount of fluid in the brain cavities, which is called hydrocephalus, 

* All kinds of spinal diseases, especially herniated disc and scoliosis, 

* Head and spinal cord injuries, 

* The surgical treatment of occlusion of brain vessels and cerebral hemorrhages.