It is the branch of medicine that is interested in the formation, diagnosis, causes and treatment of cancer and its relationship with heredity. Cancer refers to malignant tumors. Collaboration with specialist surgeons is made in the treatment of patients and during the follow-up phase. Surgical oncology, medical oncology and radiation oncology carry out the treatment and follow-up of the patient in cooperation. Medical oncology deals with drug therapy, surgical oncology diagnoses and removes cancerous tissue, and radiation oncology undertakes radiotherapy treatment. Oncology is subdivided; 

* Gynecological Oncology: It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cancers in the female reproductive organs. 

* Medical Oncology: It is the field that specializes in chemotherapy drugs. 

* Pediatric Oncology: It is the field of oncology that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer observed in children. 

* Radiation Oncology: It is the field of specialization in the field of radiotherapy. 

* Surgical Oncology: The field of oncology, which includes the biopsy procedure and surgery to remove the tumor.