Urology is the medical science that examines the female and male reproductive organs and urinary tract. It examines the diagnosis and treatment process of all diseases related to organs such as kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra, penis, testicles, scrotum and prostate gland. Urology deals with urinary tract infections and also incorporates surgical interventions regarding the urinary system. The name given to all diseases related to the reproductive system and urinary tract is urogenital disorders. Urology deals with the reproductive and excretory systems, especially in men. In women, it mostly deals with diseases of the excretory system. Since the reproductive system and the excretory systems in women should be examined as a whole, urology works with a gynecologist. Urology is divided into sub-disciplines within itself. These can be listed as andrology, pediatric urology, female urology, neurourology, endourology and urooncology.