About Us

About Empire Health

Empire Health, with the business name ACG Health Tourism, is located in Turkey, which is a bridge between Asia and Europe. Apart from our main center located in Antalya, which has the most beautiful coastline of the Mediterranean, Empire Health offers its services in all medical branches also in Istanbul, which is the pearl of the Bosphorus with its fascinating history, and in the capital city of Ankara. Empire Health is nature and animal friendly, and with this understanding, it delivers solutions for your pets and provides you with access to veterinary services if necessary. We have serious rules and practices that include sanctions regarding zero waste and energy saving.   

Empire Health is part of a group of companies called Selinus Medikal Co., Ltd. which has successfully carried its 22 years of medical and surgical equipment background to exportation. Empire Health, which has the experience of a community with many quality certificates and awards, and has the richness of management diversity, has earned your trust by doing work worthy of human dignity. 

In order to identify global needs, evaluate the feedback and closely follow the technological advances in the related areas, our R&D department continues its work without interruption to evaluate all the data and to carry our top-notch service mentality to the future. 

In a nutshell, Empire Health offers high-quality health tourism and treatment opportunities with suitable options in a perfect location. 

Contracted Hospital and Clinics

Private Vitale Hospital
Private Vitale Women's Health and Maternity Hospital started operating on April 26, 2010, aiming to provide higher quality healthcare to our people. Being the 8th women's health and maternity hospital in Turkey, Vitale Women's Health and Maternity Hospital aims to provide comprehensive healthcare services with its modern technology and expert doctor staff in every field.
In line with the hospital's goals, it continuously monitors emerging technologies. It strives to be the first choice in every aspect, ensuring the satisfaction of patients, their relatives, and employees.

Pulpa Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic
"PULPA" means "the essence of the tooth" in English.
It enables the tooth to feel, protect itself, and maintain its vitality. As the Pulpa Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic family, our essence of work is always to be the best, to constantly improve with 20 years of experience and expertise, and to maintain the universal standards of quality and dental health.
Uzmanlar Dental Polyclinic
Uzmanlar Dental Polyclinic, founded by Tuncay Sarmaz in 2014, aims to provide high-quality service to you according to the standards of 4 modern fully equipped hospitals in Alanya. Our clinic is always equipped with the latest technology, providing the best service, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction, and offering you every opportunity.

Hotel and Accommodation

Empire Health guarantees high quality and hygiene regarding your hotel and accommodation even in the lowest category. It offers a variety of accommodation alternatives with different standards and options, where it will be possible for our own nurses to reach you for the necessary controls in accordance with the needs of your treatment in the location where you will receive the treatment. Accommodation options for your pet will also be offered following your request. 

Selinus Medikal

Selinus Medikal Co., Ltd. is a conciliatory medical equipment and medical device supplier operating in Turkey and abroad, composed wholly of health professionals with 22 years of medical supply and surgical practice experience. As a result of the mission it assumed and R&D work it has undertaken, the group has evolved into companies and continues its activities in the international arena with the philosophy of "human first" and in deference to medical ethics.